The Firm

Trans – Juris is a full services law firm in India. Having established a successful corporate, commercial and civil law practice through its offices at New Delhi and alliances at all major cities across the country, the firm cherishes a reputation in the profession.

Founded by Mr. Rajiv Kapoor in 1995, Trans Juris has built a formidable practice based on its professional commitment and high standards of professional conduct. Our concern about the affairs of each of our clients through the years has earned us a respected clientele.

The firm has a team of four Advocates, each having over 15 years of experience, associate advocates/ partners, a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with dual qualifications of law and numerous affiliate associates across the country.

With well over Thirty years of combined experience in handling legal matters, at Transjuris, we are extremely well acquainted with local regulations and administrative practices and are able to put an issue in the proper legal, commercial and political context. The firm has also built up excellent relationships with business leaders and consultants, government and regulatory authorities through many years of conducting business in the region.

With its diverse legal practice and commitment to deliver quality beyond client satisfaction, Transjuris offers a range and scope of experience, which only a few other regional independent law firms can match.

Our Affiliations:

Seadus Legal Services Firm:

Seadus Legal services is a full time law firm based out of  Chandigarh. Seadus assists us in all our activities and affairs in Punjab and Haryana.