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There is perhaps no field that lends itself more readily to diverse, interesting and complex issues than labor and employment defense. Human relations and diversity within the American workplace, coupled with the pervasive statutory and administrative regulation of employment practices, creates an environment in which employment related claims have become commonplace.

The age old saying, ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, is particularly true in the employment environment. As a result, Trans-Juris’s employment law practice focuses on proactive measures to avoid claims through preventative counseling, pre-termination strategy consultation and by responding to claims at the administrative level through the EEOC and other state and local agencies charged with the investigation of employment related claims. We also assist our clients in the drafting and review of employment contracts, non-compete and restrictive covenant agreements.

When litigation of employment claims is necessary, Moran & Kidd’s attorneys represent employers and management in state court, federal court and before administrative agencies. We represent employers in a wide variety of litigated employment claims, including virtually every type of discrimination claim authorized by federal law, such as those based on race (both Title VII and § 1981 claims), national origin, gender, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, same sex sexual harassment, and religious discrimination.

Due to the increasing number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) claims, Trans-Juris also finds itself actively defending many single and multi-plaintiff wage, hour and overtime claims. Finally, Trans-Juris’s employment attorneys are also experienced in the litigation of employment contract and restrictive covenant (non-compete) disputes.

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