Trans Juris has built a formidable practice based on our professional commitment, high standards of professional conduct, and very little in the way of firm hierarchy. Our concern about the affairs of each of our clients through the years has earned us a respected clientele. The management of the firm, in conjunction with our lawyers, has made it a daily business to ensure that careful and expert attention is devoted to meeting our clients’ legal requirements. We do this through efficient work assignments, an open-door policy of communication, systematic use of knowledge and resources drawn from the collective wisdom of over twenty years of combined experience in handling regional legal matters, regular work checks and other quality control functions.

All of the members of the team are well used to working together in an integrated fashion, thus removing the usual interface issues, which occur with multi-office firms. This ability to provide an integrated team without any interface issues not only means less duplication and higher efficiency but also means a higher level of service overall, as the close working relationships between the Trans Juris lawyers involved gives rise to a better mutual appreciation of the technical, financing and legal issues.


Trans – Juris works closely with its clients throughout the entire business life cycle. Our attorneys work with clients on everything from the initial formation and organization of a business entity, through capitalization, financing, ongoing business operations, and mergers and acquisitions.

Formation and Organization. We assist our clients in selecting the appropriate organizational structure to meet their tax and operational objectives including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and joint venture. We prepare necessary organizational documents including shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements and operating agreements.

Capitalization and Finance. Trans-Juris’s attorneys assist clients with ongoing debt and equity financing including working capital and asset based loans, as well as other debt financing. We also assist clients in a variety of private equity and venture capital financing.

Ongoing Business Operations. Another important aspect of the services Trans-Juris offers to its business and corporate clients is our ability to counsel management on an ongoing basis regarding matters related to corporate governance and compliance, employment and labor matters, and executive compensation. We also advise our clients on business succession and planning issues for family and closely held businesses in order to assist them in identifying their goals and objectives, and to establish related exit strategies.


There is perhaps no field that lends itself more readily to diverse, interesting and complex issues than labor and employment defense. Human relations and diversity within the American workplace, coupled with the pervasive statutory and administrative regulation of employment practices, creates an environment in which employment related claims have become commonplace.

The age old saying, ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, is particularly true in the employment environment. As a result, Trans-Juris’s employment law practice focuses on proactive measures to avoid claims through preventative counseling, pre-termination strategy consultation and by responding to claims at the administrative level through the EEOC and other state and local agencies charged with the investigation of employment related claims. We also assist our clients in the drafting and review of employment contracts, non-compete and restrictive covenant agreements.

When litigation of employment claims is necessary, Moran & Kidd’s attorneys represent employers and management in state court, federal court and before administrative agencies. We represent employers in a wide variety of litigated employment claims, including virtually every type of discrimination claim authorized by federal law, such as those based on race (both Title VII and § 1981 claims), national origin, gender, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, same sex sexual harassment, and religious discrimination. Our attorneys also litigate claims under the Florida Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, workers’ compensation retaliation claims, ERISA disability and benefit claims, whistle blower claims, common law tort claims (including negligent hiring and retention), and defamation claims arising in the employment context.

Due to the increasing number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) claims, Trans-Juris also finds itself actively defending many single and multi-plaintiff wage, hour and overtime claims. Finally, Trans-Juris’s employment attorneys are also experienced in the litigation of employment contract and restrictive covenant (non-compete) disputes.


Trans – Juris represents employers, self-insured funds, carriers and third party administrators in their defense of workers’ compensation claims throughout Florida. Our workers’ compensation defense practice encompasses the defense of these claims at both the trial and appellate levels, and Trans-Juris’s attorneys pride themselves on taking a proactive approach in the investigation and defense of their clients’ cases. We work hard to maintain open lines of communication for the timely and effective exchange of information, and to build relationships with the employers we represent, as well as their insurance providers.

While litigation is a primary function of this department, preventative counseling concerning various employment practices, and assistance with the drafting and implementation of drug free work place policies and return to work programs are also emphasized. Additionally, when it comes to handling retaliatory discharge claims and other employment related charges, our workers’ compensation practitioners work hand-in-hand with attorneys from our Employment and Labor Law  and Commercial Litigation departments whenever the need arises.



Trans – Juris advises its clients on a wide range of commercial transactions including licensing, distribution, franchising, equipment leasing agreements and equipment purchases. We also assist clients with a variety of business activities and contract matters including construction and engineering services, software development and licensing.


The attorneys in Trans – Juris commercial litigation department provide representation to clients at both the trial and appellate levels regarding a broad spectrum of business and commercial disputes. We litigate cases involving contract, corporate and partnership disputes, real estate and construction disputes, banking, foreclosure and collection matters, disputes involving the Uniform Commercial Code, and trade secret and intellectual property disputes. We also defend tort claims on behalf of our business and corporate clients. Our representation extends to a variety of forums including state and federal court, administrative and governmental agencies and alternative dispute resolution forums including mediation and arbitration.


Trans – Juris provides services in connection with acquisitions and sales of business entities including asset and stock purchases and sales, tax–free and taxable mergers and reorganizations, and spin-offs. We assist our clients by advising them on key issues related to structuring the transaction, and we work proactively to anticipate issues, minimize risk and maximize the potential for successful completion of the transaction. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire acquisition or sale process, including negotiation of the acquisition documents, assistance in the due diligence process, structuring of the financing and collateralizing the transaction, and compliance with regulatory and securities requirements.


Trans – Juris offers a highly qualified legal team experienced in handling land use matters efficiently and effectively in order to meet their clients’ objectives. We assist our clients with legal matters related to the acquisition, financing, development and construction of commercial real estate projects. Our attorneys also represent clients in a variety of land use and zoning matters before city and county planning and zoning commissions with regard to variances, setback requirements, easements, permitting and environmental issues. Whether your interest is in development, investment or management of real estate, our broad range of services and emphasis on interdepartmental cooperation will provide you with the tools you need to make your land use project a success.


Trans – Juris offers various services related to searching, obtaining and maintaining both Florida and U.S. trademarks. These services include conducting trademark searches to determine the availability of a particular trademark as well as preparing and filing trademark applications with the State of Florida and/or federal applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We are happy to provide free initial trademark consultation and price quotes for these services, and most trademark applications are prepared and filed pursuant to a flat rate fee structure.



Trans – Juris is located in Orlando, one of the top hospitality venues in the world. We offer our hospitality clients (restaurants, hotels, and businesses that work with or provide services to hospitality facilities) a full-range of legal services designed to meet the demands of this ever growing industry, particularly with regard to obtaining necessary permits and licenses (such as a liquor license), real estate and leasing issues, employment and labor law, contracts (including group sales), litigation and claims defense, workers’ compensation defense and trademarks. Perhaps Trans-Juris’s hospitality tagline says it best—we are: “Proudly Serving the Legal Needs of the Hospitality Industry”


The Construction Law practice group at Trans – Juris proudly provides quality representation to the construction industry at all stages of the construction process. From initial contract formation through post-project litigation, Trans-Juris actively assists its clients in navigating through serious and complex issues.